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Fully Customize Your Blog

with Velo

Use Velo to design customized layouts, build your own widgets and add advanced functionality to your blog.  

Design Your Own

Post Layout and Feed 

Use data collections to get post information—like the title and published date—and design your own custom layouts. Use repeating elements to create widgets for your feed or trending posts, add interactive effects to showcase your content and more.

Create Custom Post Pages

Take control of the look and feel of your post layouts. Use a custom cover image, add additional functionality and more.  

Featured Examples

Design Your Own Blog Feed 

Fully customize the design and layout of your blog feed. Create a multi-category feed, add animations and more.   

Make a Trending Now Widget  

Keep your readers up to date by creating a widget that displays the most popular posts.

Create a Comprehensive Reading Experience 

Use the Velo Post Page API to add advanced functionality to your site, like widgets to display related posts, allow anonymous commenting and more.

Display Related Posts 

Create a widget to recommend new posts to your readers based on their interests. 

Featured Examples

Build a Unique Commenting Widget

Create an anonymous commenting widget with the design and functionality that you need.

Create Customized Reactions 

Let your readers react to your posts with a customized “Like” button and more. 

The RambleOn blog showcases professional features built using Velo.

Check out the examples and get inspiration for customizing your blog.

API Documentation

Learn about the capabilities of the PostPage API.


Explore examples to learn how you can customize your blog with Velo.

Discover more about post and category collections.

To start using Velo, enable Dev Mode:

Go to the Wix Editor > Dev Mode > Turn on Dev Mode

Hire a Developer

for Your Blog

Visit the Wix Marketplace and choose from 100s of professional Wix Partners to create your blog or add advanced functionality to your site. 

How Will You

Customize Your Blog?

To start using Corvid, go to desktop and enable Dev Mode

To start using Velo, enable Dev Mode:

Go to the Wix Editor > Dev Mode > Turn on Dev Mode 

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