Find out why the Wix Engineering Team in Beer Sheva is the right place for you.

1. Tell me more about the position.

As a Wix engineer in a top 5 software company, you’ll constantly push the boundaries, developing cutting-edge website technology. Our systems are highly scalable and we support over 120 million users so TDD and clean code are a must. You’ll either work on API or consumer facing projects depending on your skills.

2. Why should I work at Wix Beer Sheva?

The Beer Sheva offices offer a challenging and fun startup environment with lots of opportunity for growth. All this excitement with the solid backing of Wix.

3. What types of projects will I work on?

Big things are always happening in our engineering teams. You’ll work at the heart of exciting projects with tons of product impact. You’ll be doing groundbreaking work and exploring new ideas with one of the best engineering teams in Israel.

4. How big is the team in Beer Sheva?

50 amazing people and growing fast.

5. How do I apply without a CV?

Take the code challenge to show us you’ve got what it takes. Follow this link and open DevTools to get started.

6. Can I correct something after submitting?

There’s no need to change anything - if you reach the end of the challenge, then you’ve got it all right.

7. What happens after I submit?

If you successfully complete the challenge, you’ll get a confirmation message. Our team will then give you a call to talk about the next steps!

8. Can I share this job opportunity with others?

Yes! Definitely - tell all your friends. How awesome would it be for you all to work together?

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