Nail Your Site’s SEO Just Like Jala, Jemma and Massimo

Here’s how to use Wix SEO tools to rank higher on search engines like Google.

Wix SEO Wiz User - Jala Alsoufi

Jala Alsoufi

Wix SEO Wiz User - Jemma McFarlane

Massimo Tolve

Wix SEO Wiz User - Massimo Tovelo

“In a few months, I had 20x the daily visits just from organic traffic.”

Meet Jala Alsoufi, a restaurant general manager from Toronto, Canada. She got to the top of Google rankings by using Wix SEO Wiz and choosing the best keywords.

Wix SEO Wiz - SEO Tips or Soufi's Resaurant
Wix SEO Tips Soufi's

How Jala Jump-Started Her Site’s SEO


I completed my personalized SEO plan from Wix and now my restaurant is ranked #1 for Syrian food in Toronto."

Get your personalized SEO plan and see exactly which steps you need to take to get found online.

How She Chose Her SEO Keywords


First, I thought about the words people use to search for my restaurant. Then I used Wix SEO Wiz to analyze the strength of those keywords."

Find out which keywords are most relevant to your website with Wix SEO Wiz. Choose the top 5 to start, and analyze them periodically so you stay up to date.


“My site visits doubled after I completed my Wix SEO plan.”

Meet Jemma McFarlane, Head of Design at Dytham Jewellery Designers in Whitley Bay, UK. She ranks higher than her competitors on Google.

Wix SEO Tips - Dytham Jewelery Designers

Where Jemma Used Her SEO Keywords


I started a blog with my SEO keywords in mind. After a while, people started sharing my blog posts, which brought more visitors to my site."

A blog is a great place to use your keywords and strengthen your SEO. Don’t have a blog on your site? Get started with Wix Blog.

How Jemma’s Images Boosted Her SEO


To make sure Google knows what my images are about, I added Alt Text to all my website photos."

Adding short descriptions (Alt Text) to your images strengthens your SEO.


“When people look for ‘Best Pizza in Wellington’, my site is first on Google.”

Meet Massimo Tolve, Pizza Chef from Wellington, New Zealand. His website ranks as the #1 local pizzeria. 

Wix SEO Tools - SEO User Tips

Why Massimo’s Domain Was Great for His SEO


When I chose my domain, I looked for one that contained one of my strongest keywords: Pizza."

When your domain name includes not only your business name but one or more of your keywords, it increases the chance that someone who doesn’t know your brand will find you.

Go to from desktop to get started with your own SEO plan.

How He Got Listed on Google


Once I completed my SEO plan, I connected to Google instantly through Wix."

Setting up your site’s SEO is totally doable. When you complete your SEO plan, you can get your site listed on Google with just one click.

Wix has the best SEO tools for your website.

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