Use the Pricing Plans Orders API to manage orders for your pricing plans. The Pricing Plans Orders API provides functionality for managing pricing plan orders created in the Wix Pricing Plans app or using this Wix Pricing Plans API.

Note: The Pricing Plans APIs replace the deprecated Paid Plans APIs. The deprecated APIs will continue to work, but they will not receive updates. To keep any existing code compatible with future changes, see the migration instructions for each function.

Setting up orders

To use APIs to manage your plan orders, first set up your site to:

Managing orders

Members can order pricing plans in 2 ways:

  • Online. Members order and pay for their plans on your site without manual intervention. This can also be done in backend code.
  • Offline. Members place their order by phone, text, or email. This can only be done in backend code.

Use the Orders API to manage online pricing plan orders. You can:

  • List orders for the currently logged-in member.
  • Allow members to request cancellation of their own orders.

Orders and subscriptions

Actions related to basic pricing plan management are available from the Pricing Plans page in the Dashboard. These actions correspond to the functions available in the Pricing Plans APIs.

Every pricing plan order corresponds to a Wix subscription, including orders for single payment plans. You can see all orders from your site's Subscriptions page in the Dashboard. Actions available on this page correspond to the functions available in the Orders APIs and the Checkout APIs.


  • Wix pricing plans are 1 type of Wix subscriptions available from the Subscriptions page. For example, the Subscriptions page also includes Wix Stores subscriptions and Wix invoice subscriptions.

  • Pricing plans can be 1 of 3 different pricing models: singlePaymentForDuration, singlePaymentUnlimited, and subscription. Orders for all pricing plan models are displayed on the Subscriptions page, not just subscription type models. See Pricing Models to learn more.

Roles and permissions

The current user needs to be logged in to perform plan order functions, such as listCurrentMemberOrders(), requestCurrentMemberOrderCancellation().

Importing the APIs

To use the Orders API, import orders from the wix-pricing-plans-frontend module.

import {orders} from 'wix-pricing-plans-frontend';
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