gt( )

Refines a query to match items whose specified property value is greater than the specified value.


The gt() function refines a PublicPlansQueryBuilder to only match items where the value of the specified property is greater than the specified value.

It only matches values of the same type. For example, a number value stored as a String type does not match the same number stored as a Number type.

If a property contains a number as a String, that value will be compared alphabetically and not numerically. Items that do not have a value for the specified property are ranked lowest. When sorting, ascending order is: numbers, followed by symbols, and then letters.

The following types of properties can be compared:

  • Number: Compares numerically.
  • Date: Compares JavaScript Date objects.
  • String: Compares lexicographically, so "text" is greater than "Text".


function gt(propertyName: string, value: string | number | Date): PublicPlansQueryBuilder

gt Parameters


The property whose value will be compared with value.

Supported properties:

  • _createdDate
  • _updatedDate
string | number | Date

The value to match against.


A PublicPlansQueryBuilder object representing the refined query.

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Add a "greater than" filter to a query

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1const query = wixPricingPlansBackend.queryPublicPlans().gt("_updatedDate","2021-01-27T10:00:00.000Z");
Create a query, add a "greater than" filter, and run it

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1import wixPricingPlansBackend from 'wix-pricing-plans-backend';
3// ...
6 .gt("_updatedDate", "2021-01-27T10:00:00.000Z")
7 .find()
8 .then((results) => {
9 if (results.items.length > 0) {
10 const items = results.items;
11 const firstItem = items[0];
12 const totalCount = results.totalCount;
13 const pageSize = results.pageSize;
14 const currentPage = results.currentPage;
15 const totalPages = results.totalPages;
16 const hasNext = results.hasNext();
17 const hasPrev = results.hasPrev();
18 const length = results.length;
19 const query = results.query;
20 } else {
21 // handle case where no matching items found
22 }
23 })
24 .catch((error) => {
25 const queryError = error;
26 });