Contains functionality for displaying prices in your store in different currencies, getting exchange rates, and converting between currencies.


To use the currencies functionality you must upgrade your site to a Premium Plan.

Currencies objects are used to convert from one currency to another, get exchange rates, and manage the currencies you want to work with on your site. The objects can be used with the currency conversion dropdown element on your Wix Stores page to display prices in a range of different currencies. Selecting a different currency from the dropdown on a Wix Stores page, automatically updates all of the prices displayed on your store's page to the selected currency. While the currency converter dropdown works with your Wix Stores pages, the Currencies objects can be used on any page. Currency rates are provided by XE and are updated on a daily basis. Rates are provided together with the timestamp when they were set.

The currency API contains the following objects:

  • Currencies

  • CurrencyConverter

  • SiteSettings
    • Set the currencies to appear in your currency conversion dropdown using the backend function setCurrencies().

    • Use getCurrencies() to see the list of the currencies that you set.


  • The currency converter changes the displayed prices in your store for different currencies but does not change the payment currency. The payment is always made in the currency set in your site's dashboard.

  • By using these objects you agree to XE's Terms of Use.


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