Upload API

This article demonstrates how to use the uploadUrl response from generateFileUploadUrl() to upload a file to a site's Media Manager.

Note: Due to limits on the size and duration of files that you can upload, we recommend using importFile(). See Wix Media: Supported Media File Types and File Sizes for more details.


This endpoint uses the upload token included in the url for authorization. No additional authorization is needed.


PUT {{generateFileUploadUrlResponse.uploadUrl}}
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Headers Params

Content-TypestringnoFile content type. For example, "image/jpeg" for a jpg file.

Query Params

filenamestringnoFile name that appears in the media manager. Include the file's extension in the name to prevent potential errors.

Note: In case of failure due to incorrect mimeType, include the file's extension in the filename parameter and set the Content-Type to 'application/octet-stream'. Doing this allows Wix servers to detect the correct content type of the file.


async function uploadMyFile(uploadUrl, fileContent) {
const params = {'filename':'my-audo-track.mp3'};
const headers = {
'Content-Type': 'application/octet-stream'
const uploadResponse = await httpClient.put( uploadUrl, fileContent, { headers, params } );
return uploadResponse;
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"file": {
"id": "2acbb8_86485e224dd84143ba2f228777217bb7~mv2.jpeg",
"displayName": "file.jpg",
"url": "",
"parentFolderId": "media-root",
"hash": "cf96f0567ed967f02bc9580ab8db86be",
"sizeInBytes": "15359",
"private": false,
"mediaType": "IMAGE",
"media": {
"image": {
"image": "wix:image://v1/0abec0_b291a9349a0b4da59067f76287e386fb~mv2.jpg/leon.jpg#originWidth=3024&originHeight=4032",
"faces": []
"operationStatus": "READY",
"thumbnailUrl": "",
"labels": [],
"createdDate": "2022-09-11T15:13:24.000Z",
"updatedDate": "2022-09-11T15:13:24.000Z"
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Status/Error Codes

Errors from this endpoint will include an HTTP status code.

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