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The Form Submissions API allows you to create and manage the submissions made on a form.

With the Form Submissions API, you can:

  • Query and manage a submission.
  • Retrieve the total number of submissions per form.
  • Confirm a submission or mark submissions as seen.
  • Retrieve a media upload file URL to use in a submission for forms that include a field for uploading files.

To use the Form Submissions API, import { submissions } from the wix-forms.v2 module.

import { submissions } from 'wix-forms.v2';
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Before you begin

It’s important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • You must first have a form on your site in order to manage form submissions.


  • Submission: Data received when a form is submitted by a site visitor.
  • Submissions Table: A table in the dashboard that records submissions to a form.
  • Media Upload URL: A URL used to upload a file to a form.

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