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Note: This module is universal. Functions in this module can run on both the backend and frontend, unless specified otherwise.

With Policies APIs, you can manage the policies for a particular event. For example, you can create, update, and delete policies. You can also reorder policies in the Event Dashboard and checkout form.

Policies define terms & conditions for the events, such as terms for canceling attendance, transferring a ticket to another person, and so on. For example: "Participants are entitled to a 100% refund if canceling attendance 1 week prior to the event. After this date, participants will be refunded 50% of the ticket price."

A policy agreement checkbox will be added to the RSVP or checkout form. The policy text can be read in a pop-up window if you click the policy name. By default, there are no policies when you first create an event.


  • Policy: text that defines terms & conditions, as relevant.
  • Event Dashboard: controls center which allows users to manage their site events settings and features.
  • Checkout form: the final step in the ticket purchasing process where the customer fills in personal info, reads policies and pays money.

Before you begin

It’s important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • To use the Policies API, import { policies } from the wix-events.v2 module:
import { policies } from 'wix-events.v2';
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Permissions information

The following functions in the Policies API are restricted and only run if you elevate permissions using the wix-auth elevate() function:

  • createPolicy()
  • deletePolicy()
  • reorderEventPolicies
  • updatePolicy()

Warning: Elevating a function allows it to be called by any site visitor. Exercise caution to prevent security vulnerabilities.

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