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Wix Events allows site owners to create and manage events, including selling tickets, tracking orders and managing event policies.


  • Event - a type of gathering an individual or a business holds for a group of people. Our APIs support the following types of events:
    • Ticketed events: Events which have tickets for sale (e.g., a conference).
  • Ticket definition - the settings that define the ticket options available for purchase for ticketed events. Name, price and currency are required for each ticket definition.
  • Policy - free-text that defines terms & conditions and other policies, as relevant.


A Wix service fee of 2.5% is charged for each ticket sold. This fee can either be passed on to the buyer or absorbed by the event owner.

The Wix Events APIs include:

  • Tickets: Manage purchased tickets.
  • Ticket Definitions: Create and manage the types of tickets available for purchase.
  • Policies: Create and manage event policies.
  • Checkout: Create and manage reservations.
  • Orders: Manage and track ticket orders.

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