The wix-ecom-backend Velo API allows you to create, manage, and/or retrieve 3 elements of the eCommerce purchase flow: cart; checkout; order.

Wix eCommerce API and Wix Stores API

The main difference between the two APIs is that while Wix eCommerce manages the cart, checkout, and order phases of the online store experience, Wix Stores continues to manage product catalogs, inventories and collections. The following table outlines the differences between the two APIs.

ElementPrevious LocationCurrent Location
CartWix StoresWix eCommerce Cart
CheckoutNo Stores functionalityWix eCommerce Checkout
OrderWix Stores BackendWix eCommerce Orders
CatalogWix Stores BackendWix Stores - no change
InventoryWix Stores BackendWix Stores - no change
CollectionsWix Stores BackendWix Stores - no change

Note: Further functionality will be coming soon.

Import Statement

To use the wix-ecom-backend API, import wixEcomBackend from the wix-ecom-backend module:

import wixEcomBackend from 'wix-ecom-backend';
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