The aggregation functionality of the Data API allows you to perform calculations on your collection data, as whole or on groups of items that you define, to retrieve meaningful summaries. You can also add filtering and sorting to your aggregations to retrieve exactly what you need.

The examples below use a sample collection, named PopulationData, with the following data:

City, Population, State, Year
Buffalo, 292000, NY, 2000
Buffalo, 261000, NY, 2010
Los Angeles, 3703000, CA, 2000
Los Angeles, 3796000, CA, 2010
Miami, 362000, FL, 2000
Miami, 401000, FL, 2010
New York, 8015000, NY, 2000
New York, 8192000, NY, 2010
Orlando, 195000, FL, 2000
Orlando, 240000, FL, 2010
San Diego 1228000, CA, 2010
San Diego 1306000, CA, 2012
San Francisco, 777000, CA, 2000
San Francisco, 805000, CA, 2010
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For more information, see Working with Aggregations and Groupings in the Data API.

Note: Aggregations can only be used on collections you have created. They cannot be used on Wix App Collections.

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