Dashboard Page IDs

This table lists the IDs for the pages in the dashboard that you can navigate to using the navigate() function. There are site requirements needed to make certain pages available. These requirements are listed in the table.

Page NamePage IDSite RequirementsLocation in Dashboard Menu
Site Alertsanalytics-ng-toolsAnalytics & Reports > Alerts
Behavior Overviewanalytics-ng-bm.pages.overviews.behaviorAnalytics & Reports > Behavior Overview
Site Insightsanalytics-ng-performanceAnalytics & Reports > Insights
Site Reportsanalytics-ng-bmAnalytics & Reports > Reports
Sales Overviewanalytics-ng-native-overviewsWix Stores app installedAnalytics & Reports > Sales Overview
Wix App Marketapp-market-lazy-page-componentApps > App Market
Manage Installed Appsapp-market-my-apps-componentApps > Manage Apps
Blog Overviewsocial-blogWix Blog app installedBlog > Overview
Blog Writersstaff-management.pages.indexWix Blog app installedBlog > Writers
Staff Managementbookings-staff-list-lazy-component-idWix Bookings app installedBooking Calendar > Staff
New Staff Member Pagebookings-staff-details-lazy-component-idWix Bookings app installedBooking Calendar > Staff
Bookings Settingsbookings.bookings-settings-page-lazyWix Bookings app installedBookings Calendar > Staff
Forms & Submissionsform-builder-componentCommunications > Forms & Submissions
InboxengageCommunications > Inbox
Contacts Listcontacts-page-componentContacts > Contacts
Import Contacts Pagecontacts-import-pageContacts > Contacts
Contacts Segmentscontacts-segments-pageContacts > Segments
Site Membersmember-permissionsContacts > Site Members
Tasks & Reminderstasks-webContacts > Tasks & Reminders
Contacts Workflowsworkflow-componentContacts > Workflows
Content Managerwix-databases-lazy-page-component-idDev Mode enabledContent Manager
Logswix-code-site-monitoring-lazy-component-idDev Mode enabledDeveloper Tools > Logs
Monitoringwix-code-platform-visibility-bm.pages.indexDev Mode enabledDeveloper Tools > Monitoring
Secrets Managerwix-code-secrets-managerDev Mode enabledDeveloper Tools > Secrets Manager
Triggered Emailstransactional-emailsDev Mode enabledDeveloper Tools > Triggered Emails
New Triggered Email formtransactional-emails-composerDev Mode enabledDeveloper Tools > Triggered Emails
IntegrationsintegrationsFinances > Financial Integrations
InvoicesinvoicesFinances > Invoices
Payments Dashboardcashier-payments-dashboardFinances > Payments
Price Quotesprice-quotesFinances > Price Quotes
Recurring InvoicesCRM_FINANCIAL_RECURRING_INVOICES.pages.indexFinances > Recurring Invoices
Forum Categoriescommunities-forum-categoriesWix Forum app installedForum > Categories
Forum Postscommunities-forumWix Forum app installedForum > Posts
Forum Settingscommunities-forum-settingsWix Forum app installedForum > Posts
Gift Card Overviewrise-client-dashboard.pages.indexWix Stores app installedGift Card > Overview
Gift Card Stores app installedGift Card > Sales
Site Groupssocial-groups-dashboardGroups
Loyalty Programloyalty-bm-pages-indexWix Members Area app installedLoyalty Program
Manage Loyalty Programloyalty-bm-pages-manageWix Members Area app installedLoyalty Program
Automatic Discountsdiscount-rules.pages.indexMarketing & SEO > Automatic Discounts
CouponscouponsMarketing & SEO > Coupons
Email MarketingshoutoutMarketing & SEO > Email Marketing
Facebook and Instagram AdsPromoteCampaignsLazyComponentMarketing & SEO > Facebook & Instagram Ads
Google Business ProfileGoogleMyBusinessMarketing & SEO > Google Business Profile
Logo Makerlogo-builder-biz-mgrMarketing & SEO > Logo Maker
Marketing HomePromoteHomeLazyComponentMarketing & SEO > Marketing Home
SEO - Get Found on GooglePromoteSeoLazyComponentMarketing & SEO > SEO
SEO Overviewpromote-seo-toolsMarketing & SEO > SEO
Social Media Marketingvideo-maker-homeMarketing & SEO > Social Media Marketing
Music Music app installedMusic Library
Programschallenges-web-business-managerWix Online Programs app installedOnline Programs > Programs
Abandoned Cartsstores.abandoned-cartsWix Stores app installedOrders > Abandoned Carts
New Order Formwixstores-dashboard-create-manual-order-pages-indexWix Stores app installedOrders > Orders
Orders Liststores-orders-managerWix Stores app installedOrders > Orders
My Albumsphotography-albums-idWix Photo Albums app installedPhoto Albums > My Albums
Pricing Plansmembership-lazy-componentWix Pricing Plans app installedPricing Plans
Restaurants MenusrestaurantsWix Restaurants app installedRestaurants > Menus
RestaurantsOrdersrestaurants_ordersWix Restaurants app installedRestaurants > Orders
Notification You Get - settingsping-settings-lazy-page-component-idSettings
Notifications You Send - settingsping-customer-notifications-lazy-page-component-idSettings
Settings Pagesettings-lobbySettings
Language and Region Settingslanguage-and-region-lazySettings
Website Settingswebsite-settings-lazySettings
Business Email SettingsMY_MAILBOXES_SITE_LEVEL.pages.indexSettings
Domain ConnectionMY_DOMAINS_IFRAME_WRAPPER.pages.indexSettings
Accept Payments Pagecashier-merchant-settingsSettings > Accept Payments
Pricing Plans Settingsmembership-settings-lazy-componentWix Pricing Plans app installedSettings > Pricing Plans Settings
RolesAndPermissionssite-roles-and-permissionsSettings > Roles & Permissions
Shiiping and Delivery Settingsstores.shippingWix Stores app installedSettings > Shipping
Tax Settingsstores.taxWix Stores app installedSettings > Tax
Back in Stock RequestsWIXSTORES_DASHBOARD_BACK_IN_STOCK.pages.indexWix Stores app installedStore Products > Back in Stock Requests
Find Products to Sellstores-explore-productsWix Stores app installedStore Products > Find Products to Sell
Inventorywixstores-dashboard-inventory.pages.indexWix Stores app installedStore Products > Inventory
Products ListecomWix Stores app installedStore Products > Products
Subscriptionssubscriptions-bmWix Pricing Plans app installedSubscriptions Video app installedVideo Library
Site Historysite-history-client
Business Cardsprint-shop-biz-mgrMarketing & SEO > Business Cards & More

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