Sharing a link to a preloaded booking form

Once you add Wix Bookings, certain pages are automatically added to your site. You use these pages to run all aspects of your Booking business; from creating services to managing your schedule each week. You can also customize each of the pages to suit your business and brand.

Another way you can customize the client's booking experience is by updating the Booking Form page, which is the last page in the booking process, so that it is preloaded with default values. This way, your clients can skip the preceding pages and proceed directly to the Booking Form page. To do this, create and share a link to a Wix site's booking form with preset, default values you choose. You set the values by adding query parameters to the Booking Form page URL.

By preloading booking form values, you can simplify the customer's booking experience when they sign up for a service.

For example, if you are sending out invitations by email as part of promoting a class or a customer needs to sign up to a haircut, you can add a shareable link in the email that already contains the event ID, date, and time. The recipient can click the link and just enter their own personal details without having to enter the event details also.

You can set default values for these fields:

  • bookings_startDate and bookings_endDate
  • bookings_timezone
  • bookings_resourceId
  • bookings_locationId
  • bookings_sessionId
  • bookings_serviceId

Note that each type of session requires a specific set of minimum parameters when constructing the URL. These sets of parameters correspond to the information the client would have had to select if they were progressing manually through the booking pages. You can refer to the list below for the specific parameters required for each type of session

  • Classes: bookings_sessionId and bookings_timezone
  • Courses: bookings_serviceId and bookings_timezone
  • Appointments: bookings_serviceId, bookings_resourceId, bookings_startDate, bookings_endDate and bookings_timezone

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