descending( )

Adds a sort to a query, sorting by the specified properties in descending order.


The descending() function refines a TagsQueryBuilder to sort by the value of propertyName in descending order. You can specify multiple properties for sorting in descending order by passing each property name as an additional argument. descending() sorts the results in the order the properties are passed. You can sort the following types:

  • Number: Sorts numerically.
  • Date: Sorts by date and time.
  • String: Sorts lexicographically, so 'abc' comes after 'XYZ'.

If a property contains a number stored as a string (for example, '0'), that value is sorted alphabetically and not numerically. If a property doesn't have a value, that value is ranked lowest.



This endpoint does not take any parameters

Response Object

Returns an empty object.

Status/Error Codes

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Add a descending sort to a query

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1const query = tags.queryTags.descending('label');
Create a query, add a descending sort, and run it

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1import { tags } from 'wix-blog-backend';
3export async function myQueryFunction() {
4 const results = await tags.queryTags().descending('label').find();
6 if (results.items.length > 0) {
7 const items = results.items;
8 const firstItem = items[0];
9 const pageSize = results.pageSize;
10 const hasNext = results.hasNext();
11 const hasPrev = results.hasPrev();
12 const length = results.length;
13 const query = results.query;
15 return items;
16 } else {
17 // Handle if no matching items found
18 }