Indicates if the element is actually visible.


If isVisible is true, the element is displayed on the page.

If isVisible is false, the element is not displayed on the page.

The value of the isVisible property is calculated based on the hidden, collapsed, and rendered properties of the element and all of its ancestors. It is true only if the conditions exist in the element's property values and the property values of its ancestors such that the element is actually displayed on the page.


  • An element's isVisible property is not the same as its

hidden property. The isVisible property indicates whether the element is actually displayed, while hidden indicates if it should be displayed.

  • The isVisible property of an element remains true even if

another element completely covers it so that a user cannot see it.

  • In Editor X, even if the isVisible property of the element is true, it will not be displayed if the element has been set to "Don't Display" for the current breakpoint.


booleanRead Only

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Get whether an element is visible

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1let isVisible = $w("#myElement").isVisible; // true