Sets or gets the options in a radio button group.


Setting the options property sets all the options available to a user in a radio button group.

options is an array of option objects. Each option object can contain a label property, which is what the user sees, and a value property, which is what is used in code and stored in your collections.

Set options to an empty array ([]) to remove the current radio button group options.

Getting the options property returns the current list of options available to a user.

You cannot modify the data array in-place. To add, change, or remove individual radio button group options:

  1. Store the value of the options property in a variable.
  2. Make changes to the options array.
  3. Reset the options property with the modified array.


Array<Option>Read & Write, default value is An empty array

The value of the radio button option. This is what you use in code and is what is stored in your collections. Mandatory if label is not specified.


The label of the radio button option. This is what a user sees. Mandatory if value is not specified.

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Get the list of options and the first option's label and value from a radio button group

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1let radioOptions = $w("#myRadioGroup").options;
3let firstLabel = radioOptions[0].label; // "First Label"
4let firstValue = radioOptions[0].value; // "first_value"
Set the list of options for a radio button group

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1$w("#myRadioGroup").options = [
2 {"label": "Who's on first!", "value": "first"},
3 {"label": "What's on second", "value": "second"},
4 {"label": "I Don't Know is on third", "value": "third"}
Add an option to a radio button group

This example retrieves the options of a radio button group, adds a new option, and then overwrites the old options.

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1let opts = $w("#myRadioGroup").options;
2opts.push({"label": "New Label", "value": "New Value"});
3$w("#myRadioGroup").options = opts;