getSelectedChoices( )

Gets the selected product option choices of a product on the Product Page.


This function is currently only available for Wix Studio sites.

The getQuantity() function returns a Promise that is resolved when the selected product option choices, such as {color: "white", size: "m"} are retrieved.


function getSelectedChoices(): Promise<Object>

getSelectedChoices Parameters

This function does not take any parameters.


Fulfilled - An object with key:value pairs representing the selected product option choices. Each pair is a product option created in the Products tab of the dashboard. Each key corresponds to an option name, and its values correspond to the choices for this option. For example, {color: "white", size: "m"}.

Return Type:


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Get the selected product option choices

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2 .then((selectedChoices) => {
3 let selectedProductChoices = selectedChoices; // {color: "white", size: "m"}
4 })
5 .catch((error) => {
6 console.error(error);
7 });