scrollTo( )

Scrolls the page to the top of the element using an animation.


The scrollTo() function returns a Promise that is resolved when the animated scroll is complete and the element is in view.

To scroll to a specific location on the page, see the wix-window-frontend scrollTo() function.

Tip: Use the wix-window-frontend scrollTo() function to scroll directly to an element, and also disable the animation. To get the coordinates for scrolling, display the Wix Editor Toolbar. In the Editor, move the cursor to the top-left pixel where you want the page to scroll to. The X and Y axis Position values show the coordinates.

Note: To use scrollTo() with a header element, the Header Scroll Setting must be set to Scrolls with site. To scroll to the header with other settings, use the wix-window-frontend scrollTo() function.


function scrollTo(): Promise<void>

scrollTo Parameters

This function does not take any parameters.


Fulfilled - When the scroll is complete.

Return Type:

Mixed in from:$w.Element

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Scroll the page to an element

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Scroll the page to an element and log a message when done

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2 .then( ( ) => {
3 console.log("Done with scroll");
4} );