Sets or gets the icon image displayed on the button.


The icon property defines the vector image used as the button's icon.

Setting icon changes the button icon to the image indicated by the new value. Getting the icon property returns the location of the icon image file. To delete a button's icon set icon to null, undefined, or an empty string.

The following formats are supported:

  • Vector images from the Media Manager: wix:vector://v1/<vector_uri>/<filename>
  • Vector images from the web: http(s)://<vector image url>
  • Vector XML string: <svg>...</svg>

Note: Image Buttons are not supported by the HamburgerCloseButton.


stringRead & Write

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Set a button's icon to a Media Manager image

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1$w('#myButton').icon = 'wix:vector://v1/ce0334_2cec984ab68c490891dda1b53a33fead.svg/my-vector-graphic.svg';
Set a button's icon to an XML string

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1$w('#myButton').icon = '<svg height="10" width="10"><polygon points="0,9 9,9 5,0" style="fill:lime;stroke:purple;stroke-width:1"/></svg>';
Delete a button's icon

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1$w('#myButton').icon = '';
Get a button's icon

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1let iconLocation = $w('#myButton').icon;
2// 'wix:vector://v1/ce0334_2cec984ab68c490891dda1b53a33fead.svg/my-vector-graphic.svg'