Sets or gets the latest date that a site visitor can select.


Setting the maxDate property prevents site visitors from selecting dates past the maximum date.

Set maxDate to undefined to remove the current maximum date limitation.

Getting the maxDate property returns the current maximum date that a site visitor can select.

If a date is past the maximum date but is also set as an enabled date with the enabledDateRanges property, the date is disabled and the site visitor can't select the date in the date picker.


DateRead & Write, default value is undefined

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Get a date picker's maximum date

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1// maxDate must be set before it can be retrieved. For example,
2// $w("#myDatePicker").maxDate = new Date('01/13/2017');
4let pickerMaxDate = $w("#myDatePicker").maxDate;
6let maxStr = pickerMaxDate.toDateString(); // "Fri Jan 13 2017"
Set a date picker's maximum date to today

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1$w("#myDatePicker").maxDate = new Date('01/13/2017');