Some elements, such as pages, headers, footers, and boxes, can contain other elements. This occurs when you drag an element onto a container element and attach it. These attached elements are considered the parent element's children. Some actions performed on the parent, such as hiding, affect the element's children as well.

About Mixins

Mixins provide functionality that other elements can inherit and use.

Mixins are not elements. You cannot add mixins to a page in the Editor like other $w elements, and mixins are not meant to be used directly in your code.

For example, you would not write code like this, because it is out of context:

let myChildren = $w("#ContainableMixin").children;
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Instead, you can code the following if myContainer is an element that can contain other elements and
"mixes in" ContainableMixin.

let myChildren = $w("#myContainer").children;
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