Indicates if the button’s icon is collapsed or expanded.


If iconCollapsed is true, the icon isn't displayed in the button under any circumstances.

If iconCollapsed is false, the icon is displayed unless the icon's button is hidden or collapsed.

To set the iconCollapsed property on an element, use the element's collapseIcon() and expandIcon() functions.


  • A collapsed icon doesn't take up any space in the button.
  • If you delete a button's icon, iconCollapsed retains the deleted icon's final state.


booleanRead Only

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Check if a button's icon is collapsed

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1let iconStatus = $w('#myButton').iconCollapsed; // true
Expand a button's icon if it's collapsed

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1if ($w('#myButton').iconCollapsed) {
2 $w('#myButton').expandIcon();
Display tooltip text when hovering over a button if its icon is displayed

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1$w('#myButton').onMouseIn( (event) => {
2 // check if an icon exists and is displayed
3 if($w('#myButton').icon && !$w('#myButton').iconCollapsed){
4 // display a text box with tooltip instructions relating to the icon
5 $w('#tooltipText').expand();
6 }