Sets or gets the file location of the audio file.


Setting the src property changes the audio file to the audio found at the new src value.

Getting the src property returns the location of the audio file.

The audio file can be either from the Media Manager or an external audio file from any web location.

The URL formats supported are:

  • Media Manager: wix:audio://v1/<audio_uri>/<filename>#duration=<duration>
  • Web URL: (http(s)|blob|data)://


stringRead & Write

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Get the audio track's location

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1let audioSrc = $w("#myAudioPlayer").src;
2// "wix:audio://v1/22cf...185.mp3/Star Spangled Banner on Electric Guitar.#duration=132"
Set the audio track to an audio file uploaded to your site

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1$w("#myAudioPlayer").src = "wix:audio://v1/22cf...185.mp3/Star Spangled Banner on Electric Guitar.#duration=132";
Set the audio track to an external audio URL

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1$w("#myAudioPlayer").src = "";