at( )

Gets a selector function for a specific context.


The at() function returns a scoped selector where the scope is based on the context property. Usually, you will use at() in a event handler that handles events fired on an element contained in a repeater to get a selector with repeated item scope. The returned function selects the elements from the same repeater item where the event was fired.



This endpoint does not take any parameters

Response Object

A selector function for the given context.

Returns an empty object.

Status/Error Codes

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Select an element in a repeated item

In this example, we have a repeater where each item contains an image and a text element. When an image is clicked, the value of the text element in the same repeated item is changed to "Selected". All the other text elements in the other repeated items are not affected.

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1$w.onReady( function () {
2 $w("#myRepeatedImage").onClick( (event) => {
3 let $item = $;
4 $item("#myRepeatedText").text = "Selected";
5 } );
6} )