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Developer updates and releases from 2022—you shouldn't miss

Mon Jan 30 2023



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The past year has been special for devs on Wix, with major advancements like our integration with GitHub and the launch of Wix’s new eComm platform.

With so much going on, you may have missed some of the updates made over the past year, read on for a quick recap.

Data requests monitoring

Get a filterable breakdown of data requests your site makes via the Wix Data API, dynamic pages, etc. right in your Monitoring Dashboard, so you can solve issues faster.

Resolve throttled and Time-out Requests

If your Monitoring dashboard is showing that backend requests to your site are being throttled or timing out—check out this useful article for step-by-step troubleshooting.

Wix eCommerce SPIs

Now you and site collaborators can add custom fees at the checkout, connect any custom catalog to Wix eCommerce, and integrate with external shipping partners using the new SPIs.

eComm additional fees SPI

You can now use this extension point to add fee calculations that don’t come natively with Wix into your eCommerce checkout flow, like gift wrap and special handling.

GCP Cloud Trace

Collect latency data from your site’s backend operations, display and trace it using a waterfall graph in Google Cloud Platform's Cloud Trace.

External database integrations

Seamlessly integrate your Wix site with an expanded list of popular, external databases on GCP like Spanner, Firestore, and Microsoft SQL.

Wix Data

Find out more about leveraging consistent reads in Wix Data.

$w menu components

Use Velo to manage your site menu and menu container on the fly.


The new wix-paid-plans module is available at wix-pricing-plans.

Early access: Connect your site to GitHub

Connect your site to GitHub to work locally in any IDE and collaborate seamlessly with your team via Git—all while testing and deploying to production using the Wix CLI. Join the Early Access Waitlist.


Use the applyCoupon function to apply custom coupons which can trigger set or percentage discounts. You can also apply the function to recurring subscriptions over a set period of time.

Velo tabs component API

Allow site visitors to click a tab menu item to navigate between tabs without leaving the page they’re on

Velo $w events widget API

Use the Events widget API to customize how, where and when events display on your site

Integrate external databases

Integrate your existing BigQuery, Google Cloud, MySQL or Postgres database to use with any wix-data and wix-dataset APIs

Wix "tags" collection fields

Use “tags” to better manage your blog collections by setting permissions and adding vital information to multiple descriptive fields

Index your content collections

Speed up data querying and prevent duplicate data creation by adding indexes to your collections.

Add indexes to your Content Manager collections to speed up data querying, prevent duplicate data creation and ultimately, provide a better experience for your site visitors.

Sections component

Divide your page into engaging segments with full-width, horizontal containers named Sections. Sections are fully customizable, allowing you to stack multiple elements together.


The Secrets API can keep your site’s data secure from anonymous endpoint requests using authentication keys.


Create smoother navigation for your visitors by adding breadcrumbs with a unique style to your site. Use custom images from your Media Manager, external SVG files or XML strings to add a unique flair to your site.

Customize your Lottie animations

With the Lottie element you can now play, pause, stop, loop, and alter the speed of your Lottie animations—creating a more immersive experience for your site visitors.

SearchFields() function

The searchFields function refines a WixSearchBuilder to search only in the specified collection fields.

Indexes and Wix data collections

Speed up data retrieval times and better manage your data by indexing your Wix data collections

loggedIn() API

The loggedIn() function returns boolean values indicating whether current visitors are logged in as site members

Improve your code’s processing speed

Wix places standardized quotas on your site’s data requests—you can increase the quotas or follow our list of best practices to reduce overall and individual request processing times.

collapseText( )

Encourage users to engage with your content by adding a collapsible text box to your site. The collapseText( ) function hides collapsible text behind a line of intro text with clickable ellipsis.

Google Cloud BigQuery Database

Fully integrate your existing BigQuery database, or create a new one—allowing you to use any wix-data and wix-dataset APIs in conjunction with your external database collection.


Users of the package can edit the package’s config.json file and add personalized information such as settings preferences

DatePicker onViewChange( )

Improve DatePicker UX by adding an event handler that changes the table view when a visitor views a new month or year

Button icons API

Set a custom vector image as a button’s icon—taken from the Media Manager, Web or XML string

showNumberSpinner( )

Shows the number spinner for a numeric text input—allowing site visitors to increment and decrement the numeric value of the text input.

Azure Database

Fully integrate MySQL databases, with your Wix site via Azure, AWS or Google Cloud. You can use any wix-data or wix-dataset APIs with External Database Collections and connect page design elements to MySQL data.

Sendgrid Templates

Now you can access Sendgrid’s transactional email templates right from within your Wix site. Create emails with dynamic content and get total control over email scheduling with access to all of your Sendgrid templates.

Add JSDoc to Velo’s Code Editor

Add JSDoc to your site’s custom code to benefit from type checking and code autocompletion. Simply add the JSDoc annotations above the code you are documenting to prevent unnecessary errors in your code.

Wix Editor Elements ($w) API

A heavily requested update from the Velo community—LabelMixin provides basic properties for labeled, ($w) page elements.

RangeSlider API

Range sliders allow site visitors to filter data or collect numeric inputs by sliding one or two 'handles' along a numeric track.

Velo code completion

Code faster with Velo thanks to an extensive update to code completion—including fuzzy search capabilities and ranking by relevance. The new version is based on the native Monaco widget which ensures a smooth, familiar coding experience.

Zoho CRM Integration

Comprehensively gather and manage contacts across systems by integrating your Wix store with Zoho CRM. The integration means you can control contact creation and campaign management within your Wix store. Follow the link below for a full walkthrough.

Events API

Use the onContactMerged( ) event handler to trigger set events when multiple contacts are merged into a single, target contact

TextInput API

Now you can return a Promise when the number spinner for a numeric text input element is shown using the showNumberSpinner() function.

DatePicker API

Change the way the date displays in the datepicker to a custom preference using the new dateFormat property

Wix Stores Data Requests

Reach a wider audience and boost traffic by featuring your store description, products, logo and more on multiple consumer sites. It works by exposing your site endpoints to designated consumer sites, using a secret HTTP key to keep the data secure. Check out the package guide for a full breakdown.

Datepicker API

Use the enabledDateRanges property to set which dates users can and can’t select.

Timepicker API

Set the enabled times for a time slot using the enabledTimes property.

Media Manager API

You can now move files and folders to the Media Manager's trash bin within the Media Manager API



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