ShoutOut Best Practices

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Find out here how you can improve your email delivery rates, so more people see your ShoutOuts.

Who Can I Send Wix ShoutOut Newsletters To?

You can send ShoutOut emails to people you know, and to people in your contact list who've given you written permission to send them emails. To keep your email delivery rates high, only send ShoutOuts to people you've been in touch with recently (within the past year).

If you're not sure whether you have someone's permission to send them a ShoutOut, first email them from your regular email account and ask if they're happy to receive your newsletters and updates.

To get more people on your ShoutOut contact list, add the Get Subscribers app to your site.

Who Should I Not Send Wix ShoutOut Newsletters To?

  • Anyone who has never given you permission to email them.
  • Anyone whose email address you got from someone else.
  • Anyone whose email address you copied from the internet.
  • Anyone whose email address you got from social media (e.g., Facebook).
  • Anyone who asked to unsubscribe from your emails, or told you not to contact them.

What Will Happen if I Don't Follow These Guidelines?

If you don't follow these guidelines your ShoutOut emails could be blacklisted. If this happens, they will be marked as SPAM and will no longer reach your audience.

If the Wix ShoutOut system detects that your ShoutOut reputation is low, for example, if your ShoutOut newsletters have a high bounce rate or a large number of spam complaints, it will limit your send rate to 10 mails per hour and you will see the following pop-up message:

The system will monitor your ShoutOut reputation and increase your send rate once it improves. Once your sending reputation improves, you will see the following pop-up message:

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