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    How can I add Google AdSense to my Wix site?

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    Important: This app has been temporarily removed from the Wix App Market.

    Want to make money from your site? The Google AdSense app lets you earn revenues by showing relevant and engaging ads alongside your site's content.

    Note: The Google AdSense app will only work if you have a domain connected to your site, and therefore, is only available if you've upgraded your site to one of our Premium Plans.

    If you already have a Google AdSense account, you will need to sign in and add your Wix site to your "Owned" list. For detailed instructions on how to do so, please click here.

    Note: Your Google AdSense account is subject to review by Google, and may take some time to approve. The approval process is automatically initiated after you add the AdSense app to your Wix site and connect a valid AdSense account.

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