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    How do I create a table on my Wix site?

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    Create a table using the Table Master app. This app will allow you to both, import data from Google spreadsheets, and to enter data into a table directly.

    To add the Table Master app: Click here > click Add App > click Select Site > click Add to site.
    Click the table to select it > from the pop-up menu, click App Settings > under Data Source, select Upload your Google Spreadsheet URL or Insert Data manually > fill in the relevant information and click Submit > edit the Settings and Design options according to your preferences.

    In addition, please feel free to check out the following third-party table apps available in the Wix App Market:

    1. Compare Ninja allows you to create, edit and manage comparison tables and add them to your site.
    For support, contact:
    Email: contact@compareninja.com
    Website: http://compareninja.com

    2. POWr Price Table allows you to compare plans side by side, showcasing the benefits of different upgrades.
    For support, contact:
    Email: support@powr.io
    Website: http://www.powr.io/knowledge-base

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