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    Error setting up Google Apps

    • Ticket by katie200
      August 30, 2014


      I have purchased a Google Apps address via Wix, but when I go to set it up I get the following error message: 

      "Failed to create Mailbox: hypedup.co.nz:adding admin user: domain[hypedup.co.nz],firstName[Katie],lastName[Williams],userName[info]Please check your details below"

      Please advise how I can fix this? 



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    • Reply from Neruda
      August 31, 2014

      Hi Katie, 

      Thanks for contacting Wix support.

      I can see you already have a mailbox associated to hypedup.co.nz. 

      To access your mailbox: Sign in to your Wix account > from the top menu, hover over Subscriptions > click Mailboxes > next to the relevant mailbox, click Manage.

      On the Mailbox Summary page, under Manage Settings, click Login to mailbox or Login to admin control panel > select an existing account or click Add account to add a new one.

      Note: If you already have a Google Apps account or a Gmail account, you may be asked, by default, to log in to that account. If this is not the correct account: click on Sign in with a different account > click Add Account > enter your full admin username- user@domain.com.

      You can also sign into your mailbox directly through Gmail.com. Simply enter your entire Google Apps email address, including @mydomain.com, and your password.