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    How do I manage my Wix site contacts? - 188022364

    • Ticket by enquireme
      August 20, 2014

      Help Please!

      I have added the subscriber for on my website so people can subscriber by adding name and email.... I should have by now about 50 on my list but they are not being shown in my contact subscriber list. Any reason?

      ----So, seem my contact box is not working????





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    • Reply from Or Y
      August 20, 2014


      Any user that contacts you via the contact form, subscribe form, Mailchimp etc. is automatically added to your contact list.

      I sent you a test message from test@test.com and was not added to your contacts.


      Note that you are using the app POWr contact form, that is not directly linked to you account's contacts. Please use one of the alternatives above.