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    How can I view and print my Wix invoices? - 170969903

    • Ticket by uri593
      June 18, 2014

      הי אני לא מצליחה לראות את החשבונית שלנו ולא קבלתי אותה לא במייל ולא בדואר

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    • Reply from Kylie - Wix Billing Team
      June 18, 2014


      You can access and print your package and domain invoices at anytime via My Account!

      1. Click Billing and Payment tab next to Manage Premium and then click Manage > under Invoices, click View.
      2. Check invoices you wish to view (or print)
      3. Click OK
      Note: Invoices will open in a new browser tab/window
      For more billing information, click here.
    • Reply from artflavors
      August 28, 2014

      Hello Kylie,

      Don't you have an option to send the invoices by email to the client? the client does not enter the wix system. Currently - to receive his invoices, i need to manually save them and send it to him somehow...