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    Issues with Coupons and Data being sent to PayPal

    • Ticket by boiskin
      July 21, 2013

      Hi, this is regarding BSBodywear.com and I am having trouble with the translation of the code from our wix site to PayPal. I just spent about 2 hours on the phone with tech support from PayPal and I figured out that, since we use PayPal's shipping rules, ONLY when a >coupon< set up through wix is used over our $75+ ship free rule, that discounts the total price to under $75, PayPal still applies the free shipping rule. Is PayPal receiving code for both the original price and the discounted price? Can you help enlighten me on this matter.



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    • Reply from Elia
      July 21, 2013
      Unfortunately, we cannot provide support for 3rd party code that isn't Wix-verified.
      If the HTML app isn't working, it may be a problem with the code. You can check if the code is correct by using  this site.
      Simply paste the html code between <body> RIGHT HERE </body> and click the button above (Edit and Click Me) in order to see the results.
      If nothing appears in the right window or a certain component appears but doesn't work, this means that the code is problematic. Please contact the creator of the code and let them know that it isn't working.
      If the preview shows the content as expected, then it's a compatibility issue with Wix. We're currently working on improving the compatibility of Wix with customizable code.
    • Reply from boiskin
      July 22, 2013

      That is not what I am asking but thank you for the information. What I am asking is what information IS WIX sending to PayPal for completion of the transaction? Is it coupon price + original price or only coupon price?

    • Reply from Niv
      July 22, 2013


      If you added coupons to your online store and users use them, wix will transfer to PayPal the amount to deduct from original price and the original price. Therefore the user will be able to see the discount and the original price.

      If you need any further assistance, please let us know.



      Niv, Wix Support