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    Is there a way to unlink a page from the header / "Show on all pages option for text graphics"

    • Ticket by boiskin
      June 14, 2013

      We are looking for a way to unlink our splash page from the overall rules of header sizing and the "show on all pages" option for any given image/text/button. Our site is  http://BSBODYWEAR.com. Basically in more simplistic terms we want to be able to edit the first page while still setting up header and "show on all pages" rules for the rest of the site. Thanks.


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    • Reply from hadasl3
      June 14, 2013


      Unfortunately this isn't possible at the moment.


      To create a landing page:

      1. Add a new page to your site (from the "Pages" icon button on the left tool bar -> "Add Page")
      2. Drag this page up so it is above all other pages.
      3. Add a button to this Page and link it to the next page of your website. 
      This page will now be your new landing page- so all you have left to do is to design it as you wish. 
      Please Note: The landing page is ready but objects may still show on it if they are set to appear on all pages, you can replace objects set to "show on all pages" by copying and pasting them on every page except the pages you wish them not to appear on.


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