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    How do I renew my domain purchased from Wix? - 358754352

    • Ticket by kakabanga
      July 5, 2014


      I reactiveated my domain kenyapolicyinstitute.com yesterday, and I was charged, and everything on my Wix account indicates that my site is connected to the domain, (everything from check connection to check domain and in between), yet the domain redirects to a page saying "Hey. This domain used to be connected to a Wix site."

      I need to have this issue resolved as soon as possible - I thought I'd wait a day in case some systems needed to refresh but to no avail.It is of utmost importance to me that this gets back online as soon as it can.

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    • Reply from Mr.Wolf
      July 5, 2014



      The domain was renewed correctly and is now active and properly connected. In cases like this you always have to give 72 hours of time for the connection to be active again.


      It could also be that the error remained in the cache of the browser, try cleaning it, read here.


      If the problem persist don't hesitate contacting us.

      Wix Team