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  • Ticket by luckyrabbit39
    August 25, 2014

    Second attempt to submit questions about using a 'free' account to do two test builds for two separate websites.

    1. a non-profit organization that already has a domain name and existing Joomla website.  I am assuming I can transfer a 'free' account to a minimum plan and transfer the domain name after I'm satisfied that your product will meet their needs.    No eCommerce requirements here, but a password accessible document repository would be a plus.

    2. a professional musician that would be OK with your domain but I'm concerned about the ads that would appear.  How can a get more info about that?  This project would require a link to a Paypal donation account.

    What else do I need to know before I invest a lot of time on these projects?

    PS: your submit page comes up very low so you can't access or see the bottom...

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  • Reply from Marta - Wix Billing Team
    August 26, 2014

    Hi luckyrabbit39, 

    Thank you for contacting Wix.

    I will be happy to answer your questions - I understand you are working on two different projects:

    1) If you are a non profit organization you might be interested in the offer for have for non profit organizations. You can find details here.

    It you have your existing site on Joomla, you will not be able to transfer it to Wix. You will need to create a site from scratch.
    After you purchase a premium plan for your website you can connect your domain following these instructions.
    You can also transfer your domain to Wix. Click here for more information.
    2) If you wish to remove ads on your wix site, you will have to upgrade your site to one of the plans including this feature. More information can be found here
    To collect donations you can add PayPal Donate button to your site. Click here to learn more.
    Let us know if you need extra information!
    What submit page are you referring to? If the problem still persists can you send us a screenshot so we could check the issue?
    Thanks and have a good day, 
  • Reply from luckyrabbit39
    August 26, 2014

    Thank you Marta...  where can I see what the WIX ads look like on a 'Free' account?

    Also, can I transfer a WIX 'Free' account [my test build] to another WIX account?

  • Reply from luckyrabbit39
    August 26, 2014

    Hi Marta..    is it possible to set up a sidebar on a WIX page?  Can't find it in the tools..

  • Reply from ronb25
    August 27, 2014

    To add a vertical menu: From the left side of the Editor, click the Add icon > click Buttons & Menus > click Vertical Menu.

    You can move and resize the vertical menu according to your site's requirements.