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    • Ticket by stefankrofft
      August 20, 2014

      The mobile view just doesn't do it for me. It's too much of a hassle and it just doesn't look and feel teh way it should or the way a responsive site does.

      I really want to vote for the ability to make responsive sites in Wix.
      It's a real must have for sites these days, especially for photo portfolio sites. (which I use)
      Please add this to the package any time soon, otherwise I think I'll have to end my membership and switch to another party.


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    • Reply from Or Y
      August 20, 2014



      Thank you for your feedback.

      We would love to hear more of it about the mobile platform.

      Please lay out your input here.


      Think about feature you would want to see, and current things you wish to point out about the mobile platform.


      Thank you in advance.

    • Reply from southshoregraphics
      August 28, 2014

      Hey man, just curious what you are having a problem with? I with with other platforms which are responsive, and I have to be honest It basicly works out to be the same thing. The way wix is doing it right now it actually pretty clever. Works great for me, and it still is responsive. If you're site adjusts to various form factors, it's respsonvie. As long as it's designed good you shouldn't have any issues. I just want more control over the smartphone view port, but it's pretty flexible right now. In other words the entire idea of a responsive site in the first place is to be a mobile iteration of your desktop site, to retain the same branding and feel. which works out fine. There's not too much more you could do with a smartphone view point, even in the responsive builders I use it's the same thing, there's just a few more features. 

      The therory is this, tablets are large enough to be consdiered computers, and they display websites in the fashion anyway, so the desktop view is one, working in the 960 layout allows for you to not have to worry about tablets anyway. I like that my tablet views are pretty much just like my desktop view, the scaling works out nice. The only other thing is the smartphone view port, and you have that, so in retrospect the entire setup is responsive. The site adjudsts to each logical form factor. Smart phone, tablet, and desktop. It's all about designing the site with these things in mind from the very start. BUT we absolutly need more control when working in the smartphone view port. I still think what they've done is a clever way of working things out in a responsive manner. It logically makes sense. Can you send me a link to your website maybe I can help you out and toss a few ideas at you. 

    • Reply from southshoregraphics
      August 28, 2014

      And I'll add, I surely would welcome acess to more view ports to edit but I'm pretty happy with how it all works out right now. You can't look at it from the standpoint of when you make your desktop browser smaller it adusts and changes on the fly. That's cool, but it's not a feature meant to be used on a desktop anyway. So big picture wise it winds up being the same thing. At first I felt this way, thinking eh this is kind weird, but then I realized the logic behind it, and it hit me. It is responsive, just a different way of doing it. Send me a link to your site I'd be happy to give you some tips.

    • Reply from southshoregraphics
      August 28, 2014

      We just need greater editing acess in the smartphone view port. We shoudl have all the same abilites of edit that we have in the desktop edit mode. We should have full edititing abilites when working in the mobile view port. I'd say 5 times out of ten it will end up working how it does right now anyway, but there are itime where if you have a load of content, it won't work. This is where and why we need full editing ability in the mobile viewport. I've been with Wix since the very start, all the way back to when they still used flash. They are pretty great at giving cusomters what they want, and I think they understand that's what makes the site. They've given a lot of the features I have requested, and I'm sure they will continue to do that. I've seen this platform come a very long way. We are just now in the times where we will start seeing the true power of the platform. I think Wix needs to understand that a large number of it's users are designers, and what are the main things a designer would want on this platform? 

      1) Total customization control of everything. Right down the the frames in which gallery pictures are presented when clicked on. If we have a bunch of clients and we do  their websites, it's not unquie to have every single one of their photo frame boarders have the same exact look. We def need custom control of this.

      2) A editor interface that is built in a way that it mimics working in native design software, while retaining the ease of use and straight forward editing UI it already has. 

      3) More responsive control, full editing options for mobile view ports, and we wouldn't mind having the option to how you guys do responsive now, plus the way competitors do it in a more true responsive manner. 

      4) Greater control over Animations, plus behavor actions. Both for a mouse pointer, and multitouch. I've noticed multitouch is now being thought about more and that's awesome. Touch and Mouse are just as important. We should have the ability to have animations last as long as we want for some things, and we should have behaviors to spark aniamtions and other cool things. The  Apple website is a great example of what I mean. 

      5) I think Wix needs to understand that many users are designers, and for those of us who pay it shouldn't be tossed in our face to share our site every time we publish. That's very annoying, and to be totally honest we kind of don't want people to know which platform we are using. Then the customer goes, oh I can do it myself. I think you guys should make a seperate port just for designers, so we have our own custom controls. It's really a headache to get that message of sharing everytime we publish, even when you click don't show again, it shows it again eventually. 

      I personally enjoy the platform greatly, but as people of business we also need to keep some things secret. I understand that wix is not just a platform for designers, but many designers are now using it. I know that you guys want to push the site to all people, but it would be great to have a secret area for us designers. Designers bring the business.

    • Reply from scot118
      November 16, 2014

      Wix sites are not responsive , they work on few devices , not all, .... is a Quasi attempt

    • Reply from scot118
      November 16, 2014

      Wix really need to rethink their responsive model.

      There seems to be a major flaw in the Wix model. The templates simply are not responsive. I have had to abandon my projects here due to this kind of obvious flaw. Spent hours working on a template only to find it works on a few devices, not all.

      Very disappointing.

    • Reply from lilacha
      February 21, 2015

      Wix sites are not responsive , problematic site review, like -



    • Reply from nilocllah
      March 18, 2015

      Agreed I have almost completed development of upgraded website but it looks awful on mobile - no matter how i try to play with it - cant get the menu up properly and some things just drop off completely. will probably share the site with a developer and ask him/her to put into a responsive format. Wix I think you will be losing more business because of this. This is unfortunate because your desktop build really is user friendly.

    • Reply from asinnerwassaved
      May 5, 2015

      it is NOT RESPONSIVE indeed. PERIOD. Wix, please change this, I'm not upgrading to paid plan without this. LOL. If your website is responsive, it is almost equivalent to = useless, nowadays.

    • Reply from pachady5
      September 3, 2015

      This is the only thing preventing me from continuing with Wix. THE ONLY THING!

      Had I had the web-designing knowledge when I started on Wix, that I have today, I would never have even thought about you guys for this one reason. I started off knowing nothing and was attracted to you guys because you make everything so easy. But just as I, every new customer of yours will realize this great lack and will be deterred when it comes to renew or start another site.

      Come on guys, this is ridiculous.

    • Reply from motiveweight
      February 6, 2016

      I so agree with pachady5, the unresponsive issue is the ONLY thing making me reluctant to use Wix. When I first started trying out the platform I was so excited because of the intuitive, easy UI, I even started building my website. After about an hour I decided to see what it would look like in the mobile view and to my utter horror and complete disappointment the mobile view had chopped off the sides. I still can't believe that Wix is not responsive. I keep searching Google to see if there is some way to make it responsive that I might have missed, but this is only wishful thinking on my part. It's just that I really, really want to use Wix because I love just about everything else about it. But the unresponsive issue was really a deal breaker for me. PLEASE WIX SOLVE THIS PROBLEM ASAP.