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    • Ticket by radioguy963
      June 10, 2014


      Is there a way to track how many clicks each banner picture is getting on the site?  Also is there a way to track how many video views from an embedded youtube link is getting on our site only?

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    • Reply from Morgana
      June 11, 2014



      if you are referring to banners added through the affiliate program please contact affiliate@wix.com

      Otherwise you will need to contact the provider of the banners for further information. 


      In the matter of the video, you can check this information opening the relevant video on YouTube > click in the menu under the views count on "Statistics" > click on "View more statistics".

      This will open the overview analyitics tab. From the left menu click on "Traffic sources". A chart will appear with all traffic sources.


      This will not break down different embedded sources so if you embedded the video in 3 different sites, it will not show from which one the video has been watched.