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    Flash to HTML 5??

    • Ticket by shondeelester
      August 27, 2014

      I too am a long time Wix subscriber and have spent hundreds of hours designing my sites and I don't want another template. I like the one I came with just fine. I didn't switch my main site because your HTML templates were garbage in the beginning, now you tell us we have to start from scratch?!?! Y'all need to get it together and rectify this situation. With all the money you charge you still had to discontinue flash to html 5? Also, I don't remember getting an email letting me know it would be discontinued.

      Not very pleased at all with Wix.

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    • Reply from Marta - Wix Billing Team
      August 28, 2014

      Hi shondeelester, 

      Thank you for contacting Wix.

      Since HTML5 offers modern technological solutions, improved site performance and visibility across all devices, it is advisable to switch your site from Flash to HTML5. Unfortunately our converter is no longer available and so the process needs to be done manually (also previously some manual work was needed after converting the site).

      We apologize for the inconvenience.

      Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.

    • Reply from routesart
      September 15, 2014

      I agree starting from scratch is too daunting a task, we need all these templates converted to html 5

    • Reply from barcode-71
      September 21, 2014

      Yes...very frustrating, and not too happy with this and wix!

      My site had about 400 images and 7 menus + sub menus etc...no content was accessible from mobile phones tablets etc :/

      However, after a year, or more, dreading to do anything about it yesterday I sat down and rebuilt my site from scratch in 4 or 5 hrs.

      Here is what I recommend:

      1- start a new HTML site on your wix account

      2- on another browser tab open the editor for the old flash version of your site (edit mode)

      3- use the old one as a template/blue print for the new by switching tabs

      4- you can actually copy all the text (whilst edit mode) from the old onto the new one

      5- when you are happy, just "re assign" your current domain to the new site you have created (the old will not disappear)


      Good news:

      All your images are still uploaded and available on your server, but most importantly it does not take for bloody ever to save, load and modify as it does on flash.

      This means much faster changes, edits and overall management of your site.

      After all it was actually okay, and it would have been far better if WIX had explained it, or presented the above pros.

      I recommend doing it for your future sanity!