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    1$ Short on my card...

    • Ticket by drix
      April 12, 2014

      Hey WIX team, I am AshleyCrockett@charter.net with SystemsRepairs.net for some reason I thought billing was on the 17th, I guess it is the 12th... I knew I only had about 28 dollars (One buck and some change short of payment) I just dont want anything to happen to where I lose the account and had to redesign my website and/or anything like that.... I can have the $ on there asap in the morning, I use a single seperate pre paid CC for this wix account.. And I knew I was barely some cents short and the payment would not go thru.... Is this going to be a huge problem if payed by tomorrow? asap I am in Eastern Time USA, it is 9:31 here. And should be out to get a few extra dollars on the card for the payment to go thru, I have Premium account and intend to keep it. I just made a mistake this month... Can someone get back to me about this? TIA

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    • Reply from drix
      April 12, 2014

      I am trying to get the money on there now, it is only a couple of dollars short, if I get this on there before midnight will it be ok???? I had 27.40 on the card, unfortunately a couple dollars shy I DO NOT want to have to re-do my site, lose my premium etc. I am a premium paying customer and always will be, things have been hectic this week on me. Even if I get the $$$ on there before 12 midnight will things be ok????

    • Reply from Ritti
      April 13, 2014


      I can see that an invoice for April has been generated already (you can see your billing status in "manage premium">"billing and payment".

      The next payment is due on May 13.

      Please let us know if you have further questions :o)