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    How am I billed by Wix? - 712564018

    • Ticket by drix
      May 12, 2014

      Wix Team, My $ is on the card that is assigned to the account our Wix ID# is 1353563915 and run www.SystemsRepairs.com ... The weird thing is it is saying my last payment was made on May 12th, today...... BUT it is also saying my NEXT payment is still on May 12th....today.... I have no idea if this is just a billing cycle glitch or what is going on, I sure do not want to pay twice for one month and have everything cancelled and have to start all over again. Please get back with me asap as I rely on this for my income, it is very important. Thanks. AshleyCrockett@Charter.net or ErikCrockett@charter.net

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    • Reply from Elia
      May 12, 2014


      I've answered your query here.

      Please let us know if you need further assistance or information.