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    Your Table Master is still a Bachelor :) (repost)

    • Ticket by ubuibme86
      September 1, 2014

      LOVE this app. As I aforementioned, this app is a GODSEND.

      However, here are some suggestions (old and new) to make this app live up to its name: 

      • Ability to link a row/column/cell to a website/document/etc. (They already highlight as if they could.)
      • Ability to adjust column/row spacing manually (neither fixed nor adjust to content may be an applicable choice)
      • Ability to highlight multiple rows/cells to delete them (it already pretends like it can do this as a dashed box appears when you drag/move your cursor over rows/cells)
      • Ability to copy more than one row/column/cell AND the ability to paste more than one row/column/cell within the TM in order to move it to a separate location (subsequently you can create a functionality that will move content by providing starting cell and ending cell but that may prove harder) - this will also be useful in the added ability to copy/paste multiple rows/columns/cells from other spreadsheets into the TM
      • Ability to expand the TM App setting pop up (or better yet able to view/edit it full screen for FULL capability of editing with ease of non-scrolling)
      • Ability to duplicate a table whilst maintaining its contents and settings (or at the very least, its settings)
      • Ability to create multiple TITLES in one table

      I say all this to say, importing a Google spreadsheet is futile. The final result looks variably different. Thus, you might as well have a broader source of editing features to accommodate the manual building of a table. 

      Now figure out how to import a Google spreadsheet whilst maintaining its row/column ratios coupled with the sleek look, the search feature, and the color/font options that the current TM has, that also automatically updates, then you've got yourself a Table GOD and you won't have to worry about the majority of the aforementioned bullet points :)

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    • Reply from Rotem
      September 2, 2014


      Thank you for the elaborate feedback!

      We document and learn from every feature request and bug brought to our attention. These objectives are immediately high priority milestones in Wix's product road map.

      To read about our feature updates, please click here.

    • Reply from ubuibme86
      September 2, 2014

      Awesome sauce! Good luck with everything and thanks for all of your hard work!

    • Reply from Wix App Market Team
      September 8, 2014


      thanks for your feedback

      we are already working on some of the changes you requested. some are easy to develop and some will take more time (like the links issue..)

      can you please explain what you mean by "Ability to create multiple TITLES in one table"?



      Product Manager 

    • Reply from ubuibme86
      September 9, 2014

      Thank you for your continued support!

      I oftentimes have to make multiple tables because I have different "subjects" that I want to display with disparate information, yet this subjects are of the same topic so I would like to keep them in the same table.

      If someone wants to "hone in" on a different topic with subsequent affiliated information they would not be able to in one table because there is but one header.

      Take a look at my website, the "headers" are in gray and the rest of the columns alternate pinkish colors.


      The header of the second table on the left entitled, "iN House Prizes," is gray and stands out nicely, as it should.

      Would be nice if my subject headers in that table (like FIRST FIVE, TRIVIA, NUMB3RS, etc) could also be highlighted in gray.

      The tables to the right with arcade game title headers are all in separate tables, because I cannot change the color of a specific row or cell or column. Would be nice to be able to keep all of  that info in the same table (because the criteria of "gaming" has not changed and therefore should rest in the same table). But then again, having to look at that many rows without an expand feature would really make the shading tedious and thus obsolete...

      Good luck!

    • Reply from Wix App Market Team
      September 11, 2014


      this division into sections is a good idea but we want to handle more urgent issues before. what you can do in the mean time is remove the gradient (set both color pickers to the same color) and set corners to 0.