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    • Ticket by hilla26
      August 26, 2014

      Hi Wix,

      Do you have an app that visitors can sign up to be notified when there is a new blog post and/or a signup to be sent a newsletter? 

      Alternatively, do you know if I can add a Mailchimp signup widget to my Wix blog?



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    • Reply from ronb25
      August 27, 2014

      ShoutOut is a new Business App which allows you to instantly create beautiful marketing messages to send to your contacts! Share eye-catching updates, news items, promotions, and more. You’ll be able to add text, images, videos, and links to your ShoutOut message.

      To add the ShoutOut app: Click here > click Add App > click Select Site.

      To customize your ShoutOut Newsletter: From the left of the ShoutOut, under Choose a Style, choose the style that you'd like to use > Roll your mouse over elements to edit or delete them.

      From the blue bar at the bottom, click Add Text, Add Image, Add Video or Add Link to add any of these elements > click Next.

      To send your ShoutOut Newsletter: Under Add Recipients, enter your contacts' email addresses, separated by a comma, select existing contacts from the list below or click Import Contacts to import your Google contact list> click Add > click Next

      Enter or edit the From name and From email > click Send.

      Note: After sending your ShoutOut Newsletter, you will see a confirmation which displays a link for your ShoutOut, Facebook and Twitter share buttons, and a preview.

      Note: It is not possible to create ShoutOut Newsletters for Flash sites. If you have a Flash site, we highly encourage you to view our HTML templates and create a new site.

      Keep your audience connected with stunning email newsletters. Mailchimp allows you to send newsletters directly from your Wix site and share them on social networks. To add Mailchimp, click here.

      Feel free to contact MailChimp, at any time, with questions or comments:

      Email: customersupport@mailchimp.com
      Website: http://mailchimp.com/

      Currently, the Wix blog does not have a Subscribe option.