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    If I upgrade, will the word "Wix" still appear in my domain name? - 116725961

    • Ticket by edwrdsrt
      January 27, 2014

      i have upgrade to the monthly UNLIMITED package days ago but i am getting a sub-domain name(with WIX). Can you fix this please as your UNLIMITED package says it does remove any ads and anyone can connect their own domain.

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    • Reply from dinamiso
      January 27, 2014


      Unfortunately, I am not sure as what Wix ads are you referring to.

      I have visited your site: http://www.knixter.com/ , but I couldn't locate ' WIX ' within your site.

      Please send us a screen shot as where exactly you see Wix subdomain or Wix ads.

      You can find step by step instructions here .

      To upload a screen shot:

      Thank you,