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    How can I find a template that I purchased from TemplateMonster? - 828922766

    • Ticket by carca91
      December 25, 2013

      There seems no templates specially for Wix in template monster. i am wondering if I purchased a template from http://www.templatemonster.com/, can I plug in or load up the purchased template into Wix website builder pls? thx.

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    • Reply from Nat
      December 25, 2013


      Wix only hosts websites that were created with the Wix editor. You cannot use external tools to build a site and host it with Wix.

    • Reply from carca91
      December 25, 2013

      I got a template from http://www.templatemonster.com/, and I purchase a wix builder, can I use that template in wix website builder please? thx.

    • Reply from Eyal
      December 25, 2013

      Hey carca91,


      I understand that you've purchased a Wix template from templatemonster.com 


      During payment of the domain you were asked if you want the domain to be linked to an existing or new Wix account. 


      If you asked your domain to be connected to an already existing account, please be sure to contact Template Monster customer support in order to verify which account you had your template connected to.


      If you have any other questions, please be sure to let us know!
      Thank you,

      Wix Customer Support Team