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    Can I transfer my premium plan to another Wix account? - 685199860

    • Ticket by i04253
      July 30, 2014


      As many other users, I need to transfer a premium account to a new account. I understand this is not possible at the moment.

      Now, if I cancel my current premium account to transfer it having 8 months left, will I get a refund for the remaining subscription time?

      Thank you



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    • Reply from Barrios
      July 31, 2014



      Thank you for contacting the Wix support team.

      If you cancel your premium plan within the first 14 days you will receive a full refund. Please allow up to 20 business days for your refund to appear on your credit card statement. If you cancel your premium plan after the first 14 days, you will not receive a refund.


      To cancel a premium plan: Sign in to your Wix account > hover over Subscriptions > clickPremium Plans.

      Next to the relevant plan, click Manage > next to Next Payment, click Cancel payments.


      Note: The 14 day trial period is relevant for premium plans only. Domain names, mailboxes and apps are not refundable.


      For more information, click here.


      Please also see How can I cancel my Wix premium plan?



      Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.