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    I'm having trouble upgrading my Wix site - 500192958

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    • Reply from Yotam
      March 8, 2014


      The transaction was declined and we are not able to give an exact reason for this due to the fact that the decision was made by the issuing bank with a very general error message. 

      This means that only you, as the customer, can contact them for an explanation since there could be a number of reasons for the decline.  
      Please note that without an inquiry being made to them, there is unfortunately not anything that we can do to assist you at this time.  
      Once we have complete details we will be able to understand the situation in it's entirety and be able to help you resolve the situation so that you may complete your purchase.
      When contacting the issuer of your credit card,  please let them know that you attempted to place the order and give them the exact date and approximate time this was done.  
      You will need to speak to them about this specific transaction not just the account or card in general.  
      Should the resulting answer be something that is within our control, please let us know by sharing those details with us and we will immediately look into the matter.
      We hope you find this information helpful, but should you need anything else please do not hesitate to contact us.
      Wix Team