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    What are Wix's name servers? - 214710402

    • Ticket by steve649
      August 19, 2014

      If I change my name servers for my GoDaddy domain to point to WIX will that affect my MX records that are pointing to my Microsoft 365 email accounts?

      I want to keep my mail with 365 but want to have my domain point to my WIX site.


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    • Reply from Neruda
      August 20, 2014


      Thanks for contacting Wix Support.

      If connecting via Nameservers will cause conflict with your email, you can connect via pointing. Note that Wix does not recommend this connection method. 

      You can check the difference here.

      All best 

    • Reply from steve649
      August 20, 2014

      If I transfer my domain to WIX will I be able to redirect my MX to Microsoft 365?

    • Reply from Neruda
      August 21, 2014


      You can learn how to set up your Domain on Office 365 by reading their tutorial on this topic. Please click here for more information.