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    How do I show an element on all pages of my Wix site? - 886157449

    • Ticket by milanokenite
      March 4, 2014

      So, I'm trying to create website featuring an online comic, which means that every time I update it I will need to add another page. Except for the Home page every other page has to be identical to page 1. I found out that I can click on the elements and select "show on all pages" but if I do this the rest of the pages (only 3 really) will be blocked by the unwanted layout. My question is, do you guys have a feature that reads like, "add to all pages except"? Otherwise I'm afraid I will  need to build every page from hereon, just because the Authors, Archive and Contact pages must be arranged in a different layout.

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    • Reply from Ilia
      March 4, 2014


      Unfortunately we do not have this feature yet. However, I recommend using the Blog for your site and upload the Comic there as a daily Post, that way you'll have a consistent design that you won't have trouble with.

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