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  • Ticket by tonjames3
    August 26, 2014

    I have read the thread here and still do not see instructions on how to create a mobile site from my current website. Can you please send instructions?

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  • Reply from Dean
    August 26, 2014


    The Optimized Mobile View is a mobile-optimized site which is automatically created for you from the contents of your desktop HTML site. After viewing and editing your mobile site in the Mobile Editor, activate Optimized Mobile View to direct your users to this optimized version of your website from smartphone devices.

    New elements and changes that you make to your desktop site will affect your mobile site. Therefore, we highly recommend building and editing your desktop site to completion before editing your mobile site and enabling Optimized Mobile View.

    To enable the Optimized Mobile View: From the left of the Mobile Editor, click the Settings icon > click Mobile View > use the toggle button to switch between the Pre-Optimized View (red) and the Optimized Mobile View (green).

    All the best,
    Dean - Wix Team